Pando Little School
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Community Connections 

Our Partner Organizations

Pando Little School is engaged with several organizations in New Mexico.  Together, we work to ensure that children and families throughout our community have access to exceptional early childhood experiences.


collaborative Teachers Institute

The Collaborative Teachers Institute is a group of early childhood teachers in North West New Mexico interested in pursuing advanced, collaborative professional development.  Participating programs and teachers study children's interests through a reflective practice approach. 

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New Mexico Reggio Emilia Exchange

The New Mexico Reggio Emilia Exchange (NMREX) is a learning collaborative that promotes the rights and inherent abilities of ALL children, families, educators, and community members through a commitment to innovative educational approaches.


S.M.A.S.H Studio Arts

S.M.A.S.H is a mobile art studio in a converted school bus. Its mission is to inspire individuals, families, and communities to creatively reuse everyday materials in the process of making art. Since April 2017, workshops have been offered on-site at schools, camps, public spaces and festivals. Materials are donated from local residents and businesses; items that would otherwise end up in landfills, recycling center, and even compost piles. In an era of cuts to art education and excessive consumerism, S.M.A.S.H is a symbol of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

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Rosalie Cooperative School of Young Children

Rosalie Cooperative believes that children are born as citizens of today. They are not waiting to become but rather living, loving and laughing here and now. And they are strong. Through a part-time parent cooperative preschool program and a parent-infant class, Rosalie Cooperative School of Young Children seeks to provide our youngest citizens with a forum to pursue projects of significance together and in collaboration with adults.

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The Wemagination Resource Center is a nonprofit educational reuse center, providing high-quality recyclable materials in support of understanding the essential role of play for children’s optimal learning and development.


Color Wheel Toys

Need a birthday gift for a terrific kid? Desire supplies for a school project? Need to tie dye, embroider, or collage? Color Wheel Toys has you covered.  Follow Color Wheel Toys on Facebook to see where it will pop-up next!

Valuable Visitors

We’re proud to have hosted several people and organizations who are as committed to early childhood education as we are.

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Congresswoman Deb Haaland, 2019


Tizianna Filippini, pedagogista from Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2018

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