Pando Little School
The best Reggio Emilia preschool in new mexico


An Integrated Campus

Vibrant and Cozy

Pando Little School is located at The Source, a neighborhood collection of practitioners and residents.  The Source's grounds abound with art, plants, and pets.  We have integrated our program into this exceptional setting of healers, artists, community gardens, and open patios because we believe preschool ought not be confined to a classroom.

The practice of bringing children out into the world to play and wonder has been well established by educators in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  It is from their work that we draw our inspiration.

When we opened Pando, we chose our site and small size at the same time.  We knew we wanted to create a school that felt like a neighborhood, where children could see and learn from a wide range of people.  We also knew safety would be our highest priority.  To accomplish these joint aims, we structured our program to have one of the lowest teacher-to-student ratios in Albuquerque. Our low ratios ensure children feel confident, safe, and supported. 



Who's Who at The Source


Charey Fox

Charey is the owner and heart of The Source.  She and her two lovable pups, Flapjack and Open, are frequent and beloved visitors to Pando.  Charey often arrives with exciting news about a gardening project we can join, chicken eggs we can collect, or an art project we might tackle.


Janice Noehulani

Janice's office is across from the turtle pond and adjacent to our playground.  Occasionally, she'll drop by the school to say hello, or extend a greeting as we visit the turtles.


Brian Klein

Children pass Brian's greenhouse nearly every day. If we're lucky, he's there to greet us with a big smile. Brian is often the recipient of our child-made gifts, and takes a genuine interest in our students. 


Karla Koch

As our nearest neighbor, with her naturopathic office across the kitchen from Pando, Karla is a familiar face to the children. She and her husband are generous contributors to our school's collection of educational materials. 



Terra Pheonix

Terra is the Source's Office Manager and occasional visitor to Pando as ze runs  errands for The Source community. When it's nice outside, Terra welcomes us into zir backyard so we can learn all about zir amazing bee hive.